Moors & Christians Calpe October


Moors & Christians Calpe October

The Moors and Christians Fiesta is held in Calpe every October usually around the 20th and held in honour of the “Santisimo Cristo del Sudor” and the Moors and Christians.

This is a fun packed 3 day event for both adults and children with plenty going on and starts with the famous parade (not to be missed) which comes down from the main street in Calpe the Gabriel Miro on Saturday evening, this lasts for about 3 hours but its a fantastic and colourful parade with adults, children, horses and many other different animals that will certainly keep you entertained throughout the evening. The street is lit up like Christmas with lights all the way to the top and the exciting atmosphere will make sure you have a fun packed evening.


There are many other events going on over these few days from street parties up in the old town, street battles down on the beach, music, fireworks in the day and evening and lots of firecrackers going off here, there and everywhere.
Another event not to be missed is the reenactment of the battle on the beach which takes place on Sunday morning on the Playa Del Arenal which is just in front of the fountain, this is very interesting as they dress up in costumes and shoot their guns in the air and carry this on up through to the old town, it fun to watch but it can be very loud if you are quite near to them.


It is said that 2 battles that took place which were between the Moors and Christians and the first one took place on the beach where the Moors disembarked their magnificent ship to find the Christians were waiting to attack and after a long battle the Moors cried victory, then the second battle took place with the children’s cry of “foc en Ifach, moros en la costa” which means (fire on the Ifach, moors on the coast). The Moors proceeded to enter the village but the Caragol managed to close the gates on them.

Both these are reenacted during the fiestas and is staged for the enjoyment of visitors and the locals and is an important part of Spain’s history.

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