Severe Weather Costa Blanca

Severe Weather Costa Blanca

Winters on the Costa Blanca are usually very pleasant with nice warm days and plenty of sunshine, spending days on the beach or by the pool can still be down in the winter months, however there can be that odd winter when it can be quite cold, wet and miserable but February is usually the coldest month.

At the end of 2016 going into 2017 the Costa Blanca had storm after storm bringing very cold weather and heavy rainfall as well as high gusting winds and some days even snow, with this many places in the Costa Blanca had snow fall for the first time in over 20 years.


The rainfall was so heavy the drainage could not cope which meant lots of flooding in the streets and many rivers came close to bursting their banks. The old towns are usually set on a hill, so when there is heavy rainfall it flows downhill rapidly and creates havoc on its way, when it gets to the the bottom houses, shops and streets are severely flooded, roads are closed off and there are weather warnings advising not to go out if not necessary as it can be quite dangerous.

We have also seen below average temperatures, with more colder days than warmer ones and cold evenings, but its not all bad news as there can still be the odd few days here and there when the temperature rises and the wind drops and you are able to sit on the beach and take in the all day sun.

However a good point to take into consideration is when purchasing a property is a lot of the older style villas and apartments were built in the late 60’s and 70’s and back in those days most of the building were built taking the summer into account, not the cold winters, so there is not much if any insulation in these buildings and you could end up spending a fortune on trying to keep it warm in the winter.

If you are thinking about purchasing an older property check if it’s insulated at all and then maybe check how much it would cost to have the property insulated, as this is a lot more expensive than in the UK for the materials, but you don’t want huge bills throughout the winter, spending a lot of money trying to keep your property warm.

The new builds across Spain do now have insulation and are built to a lot higher specification so they are a lot warmer in the colder months. At Hola Properties we have teamed up with some of the top developers across the Costa Blanca and can offer a great selection of New Build Apartments and Villas, for more information take a look at our website at Hola Properties and own your dream home in the sun.


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