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Fed up of the weather in the UK and the expense, well put your umbrellas away and come and live in the sunshine in Spain where you will find not just property prices affordable but living costs a lot more affordable too.

Spain is a fantastic country to live in and you will enjoy the relaxed way of life as well as all the sunshine, stunning beaches, the cheap food and drinks and the Spanish way of life, and all the exploring and adventuring that is on offer. Once you have moved over here and you are settled the only question you will be asking yourself is why you didn’t do this sooner!

Spain is a lot easier living here now than it was say 10 years ago as places are more and more geared up for the English there is even an Iceland in Bennisa which is about a 20 minute drive from Calpe and many other supermarkets sell a lot of English products.


However below we have listed information both positive and negative on moving over here, as living in Spain is not for everyone so we have put down some facts so there will be no surprises when you get here also there is so much information out there that you can end up with “information overload” we have tried to keep things as simple as possible, we can’t go into everything but we hope that we have covered the most important aspects for your move over whether you are thinking of buying or renting a property.

First of all and most importantly we would strongly recommend that you don’t move over to Spain if you have not got any work to come to, Spain has been hit hard by the recession as you are probably aware and jobs are very few and far between and more so if you don’t speak any other languages, even tradesmen are struggling here believe it or not as there are so many of them and it seems that only the ones that have built up a good reputable customer base manage to make a good living and can afford to stay. You would do well if your work is computer or internet-based or your income comes from outside Spain. There are some people that even commute back and forth to the UK.


Another point which is quite important is when you first move over to Spain the first couple of months can be quite challenging and daunting you are in a foreign country after all, for instance the language barrier when trying to get your electric supply, telephone, internet and other utilities sorted out. But with a bit of patience you do get there in the end. Some people move here and after a 6 months or so just want to move back to the UK as they miss there family and friends, or find that they can’t make a living or its just too hot for them but then there are people that have been living here quite happily for the past 15 – 20 years and even longer, it can also be quite difficult if you have younger children, however the Spanish Schools usually do have a good reputation, you can find more information on the Spanish Schools on this link:

If you are thinking about moving over here without having lived in Spain before you may want to think about renting for 6 months to a year before you commit yourself to buying, it’s so easy to get drawn into the cheap properties here, but there are still bargains out there and will be for some time, another good point to remember is if you purchase a property and Spain is not for you for whatever reason, selling it can be quite difficult as there are so many properties for sale on the market already, the competition for selling is very high so you may be stuck with your property for sometime, this is something to bear in mind.

Renting is also a good idea as it gives you a great opportunity to get to know the area better and to meet new people and also to take your time to look at more properties that are on offer and to get to know the Spanish lifestyle, then if you find Spain is for you then you can go ahead and buy.

The climate here in Spain alone is a reason to move over with temperatures in Dec & Jan reaching between 20 – 24 degrees in the day although it is a lot cooler in the evenings in the winter months, February is the coldest month and there can be a lot of rain it can go down to between 9 & 15 degrees with cold evenings averaging between 6 – 10 degrees, but it is still a lot warmer than the UK, the simple definition of the weather in here Spain is we get on average 300 days of sunshine per year as opposed to the UK which is more like 300 days of no sunshine! July and August are the hottest months and temperature can reach 40 degrees and with the humidity it can feel very hot.


Moving to Spain is a lot easier than it was even a few years ago, there are many companies out there that can offer help and even removal prices seem to have gone down slightly to what they were, we recommend you obtain removal quotes from the larger removal companies as they seem to charge less as they usually have other loads going over, it can also be good fun driving down here yourself if you like driving that is, the drive down here although tiring is an experience going through France and then hitting Spain and feeling the temperature rising.

There are also plenty places where you can purchase furniture from too, there is an Ikea based in Murcia which is about a 1hr 30 min drive from Calpe and there are many companies that can deliver, one company called Flatpaxabia can pick up any item of furniture from Ikea and even assemble it if required, their website is and they cover most areas on the Costa Blanca. There are also many Face Book pages available one of which is “Sell Your Stuff Spain” very handy for second hand furniture and just about anything else you can think of gets put onto this site.


Food and drink in Spain is a lot cheaper than the UK with many places offering their “Menu Del Dia” with prices starting from 8 euros upwards which includes Starter, Main Course, Desert & a half a bottle of wine per person, you can’t go wrong and you can also buy a glass of vino starting around 1.40 euros and a small beer for about 1.20 euro that can’t be bad, not only that but Al Fresco dinning is so relaxing too whether its sitting outside on a nice sunny day soaking up the rays or in the evening watching the sun setting with a warm breeze in one of the many café’s or restaurants on the beach or in and around Calpe.

Of course there are a few downsides to moving over to Spain it can’t all be good news as not everything can be cheap, for instance cars are a lot more expensive to buy over here, and bringing your own car over to Spain is not as easy as you may think on a long term basis, you can find more information on this link which goes into it in more detail:

White goods, electrical items and other household items are more expensive and Electricity is also a little more expensive than the UK, there is no mains gas over here however calor gas bottles are used on many cooker hobs. Your utility bills can also become quite expensive in the winter months as it can cost a lot to heat your home in the evenings as it can get quite chilly and then there is July and August with temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees you may need your air conditioning and that too can be quite costly, however you will find that most people who live here long term do not use their air con, not just for the expense but when you use your air con you cool down and then you go back out in the heat and it becomes more unbearable, so most people just grin and bear it when the temperature rises which lasts for about 8 weeks or so.


Learning to speak the lingo – Spanish lessons are also a lot cheaper here, you can get weekly Spanish lesson for approximately 4 euros for beginners to intermediate and there are plenty people who will also teach Spanish on a one to one for about 10 euros per hour lesson. To get you started there are some great apps out there for your smart phone that you can start using which really help as they also speak the words for you so you can get the pronunciation correct, Spanish 247 is a good one and also Google Translate is a good to download if you get stuck on any Spanish words.

There is also a informative website which gives you more information on life in Spain and also offers advice, take a look at this on the following link:

So now you have a little more information take a look at some of the properties that we have an offer to rent or to buy and start turning your dream into a reality and make your move over to Spain.

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